L’ANTICLINAL, 2017 (Les regards du Grand Paris)
National commission from the Centre national des arts plastiques and Atelier Medicis.
Collection Fond national d’art contemporain
Black and white + color prints, 110 x 137 cm and 20 x 30 cm,  device composed of a sound piece (furniture, turntable, vinyl record).
The Grand Paris is a heterogeneous topographical space. L’anticlinal proposes to document its asperities.
How does the city, as a normative space, accommodate itself to geography, vegetation, rebelliousness? How do the economic, practical and political constraints of the population fit into it? The project reveals the spaces of resistance to the ideal of the architectural plans and lets appear in the landscape the sensible existence of the city.
The restitution of the project will be in the form of black and white and color prints, and sounds recorded during the research process and reworked.