Soleil rouge (2022-2024) The Soleil rouge project grew out of a residency at the art center Le Point du jour … Plus

Two Mountains (2015 – 2018) The Two Mountains project grew out of a residency at the Villa Kujoyama in partnership … Plus

THE VALLEY, 2017 photography 110 x 135 cm

L’ANTICLINAL, 2017 (Les regards du Grand Paris) National commission from the Centre national des arts plastiques and Atelier Medicis. Collection … Plus

Monts Parégoriques, résidence Culture et Santé au Centre Hospitalier Métropole Savoie (2018) The guest photographer, Julien Guinand, broke free from … Plus

  TEXTS   EXCERPT FROM THE TEXT « Dans le presque, le parfait » Jean-Emmanuel Denave “I find no interest in accumulating … Plus

HOW CAN WE LOVE THIS INJURED LAND?, 2017 Video, 14:10 min. Color, sound

L’AUTRE SOURCE , 2016  – Excerpt Work in progress whose decor is in the place where the Seine is born. Portrait … Plus

MOLY SABATA, 2011 At the same time documentary investigation and experimentation, the project realized in residence at Moly Sabata is … Plus

LES TIREURS , 2006 5 photographies couleur, 90 x 113 cm collection artothèque de Lyon et mairie de Lyon Serie of … Plus

TROUBLE, 2016 20 photographies, sound device Conducted in the United States, a few days after the November 2015 attacks in … Plus